This site is designed to host the teaching pack developed around using birdsong as an alternative way to teach about sound, waves, frequency and amplitude. It’s based around the use of spectrograms/sonograms (a graph of frequency against time) and listening to birdsong. As well as the teaching of sound, this also provides a way to support and develop students’ skills in drawing and interpreting graphs. 

Thanks to The Sound Approach  write beautiful books about birds and birdsong. The idea came from me reading one of their books. They have been great and supportive, providing all the birdsong audio files well as most of the images in the pack. Thanks also to Matt Sewell who painted the marvellous cuckoo and cardinal birds especially for this project ​

Every now and then James wanders off to record birds singing, usually early in the morning.To have a listen go here

I’ve developed this for fun so please feel free to pass it on and share with whoever you want. If you like it or have any feedback then please do email me